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 Fang's Empire

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PostSubject: Fang's Empire   Tue Nov 01 2011, 00:26

.: Scratching the surface :.

Calling: The male has kept the name given to him by his ancestor's, it happens to be Fang. An over used name for males of his generation, but he enjoys wearing it anyway.
Gender: There are many names that can be used. However he prefers Demon, Brute, Incubus, Bastard, Brujo, Masculine.
Years on the earth: The male has spent 4 years of hell upon this miserable rock.
Hierachy: He doesn't have a rank, but belongs to the enemy pack invading WSP.

.: First impression :.

Coat Appearance: The base of his thick coat is a glorious, shiny ivory, that merges into black around his knee's and half way up his tail. Which then turns to a bright emerald green that covers the rest of his tail and paws. On his back he has three black triangles of fur that run up the back of his head and ends in scruffy locks of Green, white and black hanging over his strongly built visage.
Eye Hue: His dull jade orbs scream with the pain he has been through in the eyes. His gaze is not one that many enjoy to keep.
Body Build: His well muscled body stands tall on lean pillars, with a sharp toned face.
Scent: The male has a woody smell mixed with the unmistakable iron of blood.
Scars: His whole bodice is covered in unseen scars, with only a few larger one's around his maw and eyes showing through.
Accent: He has a deep spanish accent, something that he uses in order to charm female's.

.: Digger deeper :.

Personality: Behind the facade of wan smiles and smooth political speeches lies a cold wolf, well versed in the ways of killing. Fang is on the verge of becoming a tyrant who gets whatever he wants.
Heart keeper: He is simply a flirt, never letting female's make their way into his heart but doesn't mind pulling the strings of theirs.
Better half: He doesn't believe their is anyone better then him, so simply can not have a better half.
Offspring: Fang doesn't need the pitter patter of tiny paws getting in the way of his plans.

.: Origins :.

Asajj: His mother was a lithe beauty, possesing both serpentine grace and lethality.
Yularen: His father was straight-laced and by-the-book, he served as wing-commander in Fang's old pack.
Nute: He is more cut throat then his brother Fang. Taking care of no-one interests but his own. He is alpha of the pack Fang left when he joined the Druid's, yet despite his position of power. He is a coward at heart and fearful of the consequences if he fails.
Ahsoka: One of the respected wolf in his birthpack, she is incredibly wise and powerful member of the high council. Even though she prefers to solve disputes through discussion and diplomacy, the tense state of her birth pack means that she is forced to use her mastery of fighting.
Backstory: His past hangs over him like a black cloak, reminding him everyday of the horrid pack that made him the monsterous wolf he is today. He was born from the old alpha's of the pack and when he was old enough to be trained in the ways of a fighter. His parents and trainers pushed him till he was no more then a broken and beaten ghost of a wolf that used to be kind and playful.When he could take no more, the large male ran away from that god forsaken pack that would have been his deathbed.
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Fang's Empire
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