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 Thor's Thunder

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PostSubject: Thor's Thunder   Sat Dec 10 2011, 13:01

|His name is Thor. It's meaning is honed to his personality. Thor was the god of thunder and strength and was the possessor of three priceless objects: his hammer, Mjollnir, his strength-increasing belt, and his iron gauntlets. So in other words, don't start suff with him.

|Thor is all he answers by, get over it.



|Lobo de Mexicano, hola chicas.

|Typical of a mexican wolf, muscular and thick but short in height. Thor was built for fighting, don't let his height think you'll be getting an easy win. His body is lined with tightly packs muscle under his fur. Shorter muzzle and huge ears. Fur is a lot more bushy than most, giving him a teddy bear look, but boy you'll regret it if you tell him that.

|Thor has the normal coat for a wolf of his species. His main color is a bright tan, with black and silver dusted over his back and face. His ears and face are a darker tan. His tail is also tipped with silvery black.

Eye Color
|Bright lime green, very outstandish from his dull coat.

|Thor is a very worn and beaten meal. Many scars cover his body, but his bushy fur hides them all from view.

|Thor is a very bitter and snappy wolf. He always seems to be in a bad mood. Regardless if your his friend of not, he doesn't treat anyone kindly. Though if you are in his small circle of trust, he can be pleasent, but don't expect it. He doesn't imediatley engage in physical fights, but resorts to just passing back and forth rude and snappy comments. He does get easily agitated, and if you cease to leave him be, he will attack. When he isn't arguing or fighting, he is quite lazy.

{ Nothing } There is genuinely nothing this wolf can say he 'likes.'

{ Strangers } Thor is quite rude to even those he knows, but strangers just get under his skin. He hates not knowing someone, when he knows them, he also knows how far he can take his taunting before getting into a fight.
{ Most likely you } Is there much more to say?

|Thor has a bad habit of reverting to his native language, spanish. He doesn't always mean to, and might slip in a phrase or so of spanish. Sometimes though, he does mean it, usually when insulting someone.

{ Unknown } Thor doesn't care to remember quite frankly.

|Ha... never going to happen. Sorry chica's.

|Thor was born into a very cruel pack. Fighting was encouraged, and killing weaker individuals was smiled upon. Thor on the other hand, didn't hold much interest in killing the weak, he would rather fight someone on his own level if at all. He refused to fight unless another wolf attacked him first. He lived in Mexico, where prey wasn't plentiful in the least. The pack relied primarily on scavenging, often times raiding human towns in the night. Thor grew very good at sneaking around and stealing human food.
As he was forced to fight, Thor got quite strong. Thor held the job of ridding the pack of unwanted wolves, always by killing them. The time came when Thor himself was banished from the pack, since so many of the young females refused their mates for him.(lolheissexxi) He was sentenced to be killed by his own father, in spite Thor fled, boiling with anger. Thus transforming him into the spiteful, grumpy, snappy wolf he is today.

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Thor's Thunder
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